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Mailing Address: Nonlinear Physics Division, Department of Advanced Mathematical Sciences,
Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN
Telephone & Facsimile:
+81(0)75-753-3391 [Mon, Wed, Fri]
+81(0)75-753-3360 [Tue, Thu]


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Laboratory locations:

Research Bldgs. No.8 and No.12 in Yoshida Main Campus.

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Room locations in Research Bldg. No.8:

2F Rm.201: (Staff Rm.)
2F Rm.202: (Miyazaki, Senior Lecturer)
2F Rm.203: (Harada, Assistant Professor)
2F Rm.207: (Seminar Rm.)
2F Rm.209: (Researchers and Students, Secretary Rm.)
2F Rm.228: (Researchers and Students Rm.)

Room locations in the west block of Research Bldg. No.12:

3F Rm.301: (Aoyagi, Professor)
3F Rm.302: (Staff Rm.)
3F Rm.303: (Tutu, Assistant Professor)
3F Rm.317: (Seminar and Secretary Rm.)
2F Rm.201: (Researchers and Students Rm.)
2F Rm.202: (Computer Rm.)
2F Rm.216: (Researchers and Students Rm.)
2F Rm.217: (Researchers and Students Rm.)

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