Mathematical Models for the Shape of the Eiffel Tower: Historical Perspective and New Results


講演題目『Mathematical Models for the Shape of the Eiffel Tower: Historical Perspective and New Results』
講演者:P. D. Weidman
所属:Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Colorado, Boulder CO
講演会場:工学部2号館 003講義室 (地階)

Equations modeling the shape of the Eiffel Tower are investigated.One model, based on equilibrium of moments, gives the wrong tower curvature. A second model, based on constancy of vertical axial stress, does provide a fair approximation to the tower’s skyline profile of twenty-nine contiguous panels.
However, neither model can be traced back to Eiffel’s writings. Reported here is a new model embodying Eiffel’s concern for wind loads on the tower, as documented in his communication to the French Civil Engineering Society on March 30, 1885. The result is a nonlinear, integro-differential equation which may be solved to yield an exponential profile. An analysis of actual panel coordinates reveals a profile closely approximated by two piecewise continuous exponentials with different growth rates.
This is explained by specific safety factors for wind loading that Eiffel & Company incorporated in the design and construction of the free-standing tower.


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